Is the pop corn hot?


Can I pour apple juice on it? 



She got scissors with her school supplies. So when I told her that she can’t run around with them she says “they’re mine”

Keep in mind I didn’t yell at her, and I didn’t take the scissors. Just told her she can’t run around with them in her hand. 

Visiting timeΒ 

I went and saw the boys at camp. Henry is only there because my parents are there so he’s not a real camper. So I figured it was OK to go see him. 

I pulled in and Meatball (the dog) was more excited to see me then Henry was. He was pretty focused on his iPad. Wyatt came over because he needed a drink. He pretty much stared at Henry’s iPad. 

They are both exhausted. You can see it in their faces. Finally Henry and I walked around to take some pictures with the statues. 

I walked around and told him stories from my years there. It really makes me realize how much I miss the place. 

The kids are on constant go from 730am till 930pm with no rest. So my mom stepped up and took them to bed early. 

sugar shenanigansΒ 

Last night mana bear came home very tired, but her cubs were full of energy. 

I had to do something so they would let mommy rest. So I got them in the car and headed to the store. I told them we were going to make brownies and they could pick out what they wanted. 

They wanted, frosting,sprinkles, and oreo ice cream. We waited to pay and I picked Jordan up to put her on the belt to pay for her. She told me I didn’t need to pay for her because she was my person. The lady in front of us got a kick out of that. I smiled and said “well technically she’s not my daughter” Jordan quickly interrupted with “I’m your daughter” 


We went home and began making brownies Riley thought the mix was in side a bag inside the bag. 

And as you can see some of it even made it into the pan and got cooked

We spent the rest of the night watching Alice in Wonderland. Eating our big bowls of sugar shock. 

empty nest

It’s another week of camp for Wyatt. Only this time it’s for a full week, and Henry will be there too. I can’t believe they’ll be gone that long and I miss them already. Henry once went away to the beach with my parents, but Wyatt was home that week. I’ve never gone this long without seeing them before. 

After the girls left for their dad’s it got real quiet in here. But we got to have some fun before they left. 

Laundry baskets are always a lot of fun. Unless of course they are filled with laundry. Although sometimes the kids don’t care. 

What I find the funniest is that with all kids gone from the house, Disney Jr is still on the TV. 

I guess when you get so used to the kids ruling the TV you DVR the shows you want to watch and leave kids shows on 24/7. 

Wyatt’s MemoryΒ 

When Wyatt was around two, he tricked people into thinking he could read. He would have you read a book to him. After the first few pages he’d stop you and make you start over. After a while he’d let you get a little further before turning back a few pages. Turns out he was memorizing the books. He’d then sit and recite it as if he was reading. 

Ever since then he was a sponge, soaking up as much information as possible. He will memorize so many different facts and stories. Once he took the girl’s Disney Princess E-reader and by the time he watched Sleeping Beauty he knew the story. 

When we drive he’s always asking about the town we’re in and about other towns he’s been to. I’m starting to think he’s starting to develop a Google Maps in his own brain. 

It’s chaotic, but at least it’s fun

How was your day? Let me sum it up for you. 

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That about sums up how it went. 

The plan go to Keystone State Park, swim, cook watch a movie. In the end (spoiler alert) totally worth it. 

While I was packing the kids occupied themselves by spinning on an office chair in the kitchen. Only problem there were a few stacks of boxes of papers and things we were going through a sorting there. Now they are everywhere. 

On the way up, the usual “are we there yet? How long? He did this, she said that” and a fight over between St. Vincent University being a castle or church 😩

When the boys were told we’re going to the beach, Wyatt got upset because he assumes that means Topsail Island, North Carolina. 

It’s a testament to the irony of the universe that I am so sarcastic and my son is so literal and emotional. Jordan opens her window and puts her hand out, immediately Henry tattles. My response? “If Jordan wants to put her hand out the window and it gets cut off, then she’s the one who goes through life without a hand, not you”

“I DON’T WANT JORDAN TO GET HER HAND CUT OFF!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭” Wyatt starts wailing. 

Once we got there, they couldn’t wait to get stripped down to their swim suits and run into the lake. 

We spent the afternoon and evening back and forth between the “beach”, the playground and the picnic table eating. When it started getting dark we took our blankets over to the move screen and watched The Good Dinosaur. 

On the way home the kids fell asleep and I had carry each one in to bed. Riley said she had a so much fun and she was storing today in her memory bank.